Everyone loves a good backstory.

Here's ours: Sarah and I met almost 2 decades ago waiting tables in Buffalo, NY. After a brutal winter we talked each other into quitting our jobs, selling everything we owned and moving to Hawaii together. The rest is a wild history of backpacking on several continents, floating down the Amazon, endless bus/train/rickshaw rides, nursing each other through tropical maladies in Southeast Asia, matching near death tattoos, outlandish street food, the resulting food poisoning, smiles, laughs and a need to continue to see new things every day.
Thats really what the Big Scout is all about.
Experiencing new things. Every day.


Now we've gathered our forces into this van, for a full on nomadic lifestyle centered on creating new photo projects and producing the best images for our clients and for ourselves.
Want to check out the finished product?

Head over to SCOTTGABLE.COM right now.


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