Cupid in a Camper

Cupid in a Camper


Van love story

This month McGoverns RV and Marine has asked us to share a piece of our story as part of their blog series "Cupid in a Camper", featuring couples and families that are living large by living small. I felt their timing was very appropriate as this month we'll be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary, not to mention nearly 20 years together. 

Those who know us know that adventure has been the backdrop for most of our life together. Many journeys, homes, and experiences have filled the years that we've spent together, and it is not an exaggeration to say that we really grew up together.

How has living in a van together changed our relationship? Well, the obvious way is of course that we spend nearly all of our time together. For two fiercely independent people, as we are, that has meant learning the rhythms of our days together. Its been an experiment in knowing our needs and our limits- when we need space and when we need care and also when we have those to give. Communication has become more ego-free and more immediate.

This year we're spending our anniversary pursuing some of our favorite passions- separately. Scott will spend the month skiing, I will be in my happy place, Hawaii. Respecting each other's individual needs and differences has been one of the keys to our longevity.

And when we see each other again in March, we will all the more grateful for each other. 

Love you, Scooter.



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