Baja Expedition I


Whew! 72 days, 3382 miles and too many Tecates and tacos to count. This trip turned out to be one of the highlights of our 2.5 years in the van. Wild, undeveloped coastlines with empty waves and smiling people... I'm already missing it.

We picked up some surfboards to take down with us in hopes of finally moving past the weekend warrior phase of our surfing. I'm happy to report that was a success. Paddling out in waves way above my pay grade was humbling. And punishing. But! The second you stand up on a wave that scares the shit out of you can't possibly be matched. A couple seconds of pureness. I promise that is all the bad surf writing I will attempt.

I also grabbed a speargun in San Diego(moment before we crossed into Tijuana). This last minute experiment turned out to be our meal ticket. I was able to catch something for us to eat each and every time I went out. Fish tacos on the beach from your own hands..? Double yep!

The video is titled with a number for a reason; we'll be back in baja soon!


Baja Expedition I


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